• 伝統技術・匠の技に優ている。
  • オリジナルデザインである。
  • 実用性が高い
  • ギフトに最適である。
  • 良質な素材である。
  • 経年変化し、味わいを楽しめる。


Pure Copper Tumbler

Tumbler made of pure copper is produced in Tsubame city, Nigata prefecture where heartland of metallic processing.
The copper has a higher thermal conductivity among metals. As soon as drink is poured into the tumbler, temperature of the drink immediately conducts to the tumbler. The characteristic allows us to enjoy coolness or hotness of the drink by not only drinking it but also gripping the tumbler.
While base copper is polished, edge surfaces are finished up at the same time.
Scratches which are invisible part of inner tumbler are scraped and polished by meister on instinct.
And meister polish tumblers one by one in a painstaking way at the end.
That is the skills of crafts which Japanese pride.
Symbolic five stars are only engraved onto the premium master piece. It guarantees that only the finest material is used on the tumbler and shows pride of the meister.
This finest tumbler brings more enjoyable time at drinking occasion and provides further relaxed time for you.
At the last, you may be surprised fine and perfect frothing when your drink beer with this tumbler. We are almost sure that you would appreciate to fantastic polishing work done by meister.

Tea set

The tea pot “Kyusu” is produced in Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture. The tea cups “Yunomi” are produced in Toki city, Gifu Prefecture. Both cities have a long history of producing Japanese ceramic and are known as manufacturing heartland of Japanese ceramic.
Every single part of the tea pot such as body, cover, lip, strainer, and handle is carefully made by ceramic craft meister one by one.
All of process is done by hands of the meister through its finishing to baking.
During the procedure, meister concentrates on his every move for creating beautiful piece. It’s sensitive and smooth movement reminds actions of Japanese traditional “Kabuki” actor.
The beautiful smooth round shape form is designed to make leaves convection easily. The shape of this item represents authentic Japanese pot. The diamond shaped pot has elegance and dignity in its style. It is reminiscent of Japanese traditional iron kettle.
The ceramic made strainer avoids leaving metal extract flavor into tea and guarantees one to enjoy original taste of tea leaves.
The tea pot is suitable for long term use. The color became deeper and deeper as used.
The aging, change of the color, process is appreciated and it makes each pot as unique piece.
The tea pot is designed to serve two cups of tea. With this “Kyusu & Yunomi set”, enjoy the rich taste of Japanese tea until the last drop.

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